Do you always crave snacks and sugar?

    ⭐ When your body functions optimally, you shouldn't!

    🛑 Make sure you are not stressed out. Stress releases hormone called cortisol. When it's chronically elevated, your body will naturally stretch your hand towards fast and easy energy sources like sweets, because carbohydrates help to relax and, therefore, in short term, reduce your stress levels.

    ⏰ Sleep, are you getting long enough and is it good quality? If you don't, there are high chances that your cortisol levels are also spiking from there. And it can become never ending cycle, the more stressed you are, the harder it gets to fall asleep, the more sleep you lose, the more stressed you are and more cravings you get!

    🍋 Nutrients in foods you eat. If your body doesn't receive enough minerals and vitamins from the things you put on your plate, it will crave for more food in hopes to be provided with neccesary ingredients to power all of its systems.

    🔥🔥 If you are looking for someone, who can guide you, keep you accountable and help improving the quality of your life through exercise, nutrition and sleep improvement. Send me a message with text "onion".


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