• Routine. We all have it!

    🔑 No matter, how big of a rebel you are. We all develop certain daily habits that we constantly follow for days, weeks, sometimes months or longer.

    - Therefore, it's important to prioritize things that are important for you and will bring you closer to your goals.

    - Our brain doesn't like doing hard cognitive tasks, so it will always prefer the same easy path it has lately walked. That's why it's so hard to motivate yourself to start new things.

    🔐 Good news are, that it can be rewired with enough motivation and ACTION that is very likely to come from more accountability and responsibility.

    📕 If you are ready to get in your lifes best shape, i can provide you with the right knowledge, guidance and accountability regarding nutrition, exercising and sleep improvement by use of an online application that allows me to track your progress and add beneficial tasks to your daily life.

    📩 Shoot me a DM now, because life is not endless and opportunities are not always there!